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Handel + Haydn Society: Bringing Music to Life for 200 Years, Boston MA
Music + Art + City of Boston :: Celebrating 200 Years

H+H is a great and innovative Boston Institution. What is particularly cool about this organization is that the musicians use the instruments and techniques of the composer’s time and bring this talent to modern audiences, especially kids.

To celebrate this landmark moment Trace designed an interactive experience of sound and visuals. Printed scrims provide the acoustic and theatrical backdrop to the music soundscape. In the center of the space visitors play with media interactives; comparing gut strings with nylon and the differences in instruments of the past and present. Visitors can also access archival performances, listening to masterpieces of orchestration. A 75 foot timeline of H+H history runs the entire length of the space and is housed in historic glass casework embedded with artifacts.

Visitors from around the globe made pilgrimage to this event, leaving behind deeply moving comments.


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