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Poultry House, Pig Barn, Big Red Barn, Goat Shed, Tree Climb, ‘Know Your Food’

Chickens, pigs, horses, ponies, goats and a vegetable garden challenge visitors to try their hand at being a Farmer. These exhibits are intended to help foster stewardship and an empathic understanding of how our food is grown and cared for.

Active play activities such as; ‘Learn the Brazilian way to Crow like a Chicken’, gather, sort and weigh eggs like a Farmer, compare your strength to a pony and your weight to a pig, bring a sense of play and humor. Companion experiences present data and information on consumer choice, humane husbandry and global practices.

Additional exhibits include a children’s garden climb structure with a potato tunnel, the ‘Know Your Food’ outdoor exhibit where kid’s can lift tubers, and the mounted ‘Puppet’ barn interactive where visitors can see what happens on the farm during each season.

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